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Osteria Acquacheta Montepulciano

Osteria Acquacheta is a special place among the many good places to eat in Montepulciano. Prices are low for such tasty food, like 6 euros for a plate of fresh pasta al ragu. Standard menu and the daily menu are both worth looking thru. Lots of choices but the reason many come here is the big thick steak the owner chops off and brings to show for your approval before cooking it on the wood burning BBQ you see ablaze way back in the kitchen. They have very decent local wine, but also encourage you to bring your own special bottle. They will charge 1.5 euros per person as corkage. They serve wine in simple glasses. This is a long and narrow space crammed with table and chairs and sometimes you share a long communal table and be served some of the best local food.

Pici and several other pastas and soup are made with pure homespun goodness, all local stuff. The big Fiorentina steak dominates the long list of mains, and would be a meat-lover’s dream come true (shared with 2 or more people). Grilled pigeon, rabbit, pork, sausages … deer, duck, salt-cod, truffles, baked cheese … and the excellent choice of many greens and vegetables. Giulio, the owner is a famously grumpy-looking guy, but has a sense of humor and speaks English. Some customers don’t get it, so their reviews can be mixed. Take my word for it, Acquacheta is an excellent place for a hearty and delicious meal that doesn’t break the budget. Closed on Tuesdays and 3 months in winter. Our last visit August 2017. Down from Piazza Grande, past Teatro Poliziano. Via del Teatro, 22 – 53045 Montepulciano (SI), Tel:+39 0578 717086,  Fax:+39 0578 717086, call or fax, no bookings by email.