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Personal Safety Tips

Personal Safety Tips

Italy is generally considered to be a safe country. Most Italians are courteous and helpful, especially in the countryside and small towns of Tuscany. If you are ever in trouble, people would probably go out of their way to help you. Just look at the way they care for immigrants arriving by on leaky boats. Besides road accidents, the main concern for tourists is theft. In crowded cities, on the bus or train, at an open-air market, there could be pickpockets around and they can spot the tourists. Keep your money safe; don’t put a wallet in your back pocket and don’t have it exposed in an open bag. The other easy target is your parked rental car. You shouldn’t leave any personal items visible inside the car, it’s best to put all your stuff in the trunk.

Prepare Before Leaving Home

Before leaving home for your vacation in Tuscany, make photocopies of your passport, all travel documents, insurance and credit cards and ATM card, and keep these in your suitcase and separate from your money. We urge all guests to take out adequate travel insurance to cover any eventuality, as we cannot be held responsible for any theft, loss, accident or injury during your travels – or your stay at the villa.

At Your Rental Villa

At your rental property, we strongly advised that you close and lock windows, shutters, and doors before going out for the day. Not only for the safety of your belongings, but also because quick storms can blow up from nowhere and do considerable damage with strong winds and heavy rain.