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Weather in Tuscany

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Tuscany Weather in June The 3 month of summer start with June and you should plan for increasingly warmer weather in Tuscany. While the abundant greenery is starting to turn straw colors in the 2nd half of June, the first half is bathed in the glorious green scenery you see in the movies.


Tuscany Weather in July July and August are the hottest 2 months in Tuscany.  It’s also the busy time for travelers, with children out of school. In Europe, business and government shut down from mid July thru mid August, giving people time for summer holidays.


Tuscany Weather in August August is the other hot month in Tuscany; please also read what we say about July. The special feature of August is that the inland cities empty out of inhabitants. The Italians all seem to head for the relative coolness of the beaches and the mountains.


Tuscany Weather in September September usually starts with lots of warm and sunny skies, much like in August, but it probably won’t be too hot. We have seen the global warming most clearly in September, which is becoming warmer than before.


Tuscany Weather in October Fall is in the air, making October a much loved time for visiting Tuscany. While there will be plenty of pleasant, sunny days, expect temperatures to be cooling, and rainfall to be more frequent. Precipitation is averaging 4 inches in October.


Olive picking and savoring the prima pressione Extra Virgin olive oil plus Novello Wine tasting all in one month… does it get any better?


It’s all about art: Lecce, (the Florence of the south), Otranto, Galatina and myriad of towns will enchant your eyes and senses during your stay at Castello di Ugento.


Tuscany Weather in January You would probably be in Tuscany during the first week of January, from having spent the New Year holidays here. While the weather varies slightly from one area to another, January is the coldest month of the year throughout Tuscany, and you would fee it.


Tuscany Weather in February February is almost identical to January in Tuscany, even with the slightly warmer temps by the end of February. The afternoons remain the same in the first half of the month, climbing up to 11°C.


Tuscany Weather in March March is a very difficult month to forecast, it can be most variable and unpredictable. But it’s certainly warming now with the average afternoon temp reaching closer to 15°C. Therefore, we have just a minor change of snow, but it can still freeze on clear nights in March.