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Weather in Tuscany - August

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August 13, 2019 by Tuscan House


Tuscany Weather in August

August is the other hot month in Tuscany; please also read what we say about July. The special feature of August is that the inland cities empty of inhabitants. The Italians all seem to head for the relative coolness of the beaches and the mountains. The height of the summer holiday is August 15th, the Ferragosto. This is a national holiday, so expect everything to grind to a halt. After Ferragosto, Italians start trickling back to their cities and go back to work, while their children can play until mid-September when the schools start.

Change usually comes at the end of August

Most of August is sunny and dry, just like July, but later in the month you start feeling the change coming. Days are getting a little shorter and a pleasant coolness surrounds the evenings. The last week of August might even get a refreshing shower, washing the dust away and cooling the pavement. With the average rainfall of 2 inches, usually coming down at late August, there are often a few cooler days and thus weather begins to change. (Average max temperature: 31°C and average precipitation: 48mm).

  • Siena
    05:5120:50 CEST
    Feels like: 99°F
    Wind: 5mph WNW
    Humidity: 25%
    Pressure: 29.96"Hg
    UV index: 6
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