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Weather in Tuscany - December

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August 13, 2019 by Tuscan House


Tuscany Weather in December

December marks the start of winter with its cooler weather and the shortest daylight hours of the year. We don’t have many tourists around now but the holidays from Christmas to New Year bring a flush of rentals to the dormant villas of Tuscany. Better here than in Lapland, where Santa is loading up his sledge with presents, in temperatures down to -30 degrees, both in °F and °C. While a flurry of snow is now a real possibility in Tuscany, it’s most likely only a shower since the average rainfall is 3 inches for the month. December days can also be sunny and inviting for the outdoors. We love to go for brisk walks and riding bicycles. Just beware of ice on the shaded parts of roads after a freezing night. Any snowfall would melt in a day or two, but the snow machines keep the ski slopes covered in snow way up on slopes of Monte Amiata.

Dressing up for cold December days

Temperatures can go from fairly mild to downright frigid. The warmest part of the day ranges between 7°C and 12°C but at night it can drop close to freezing. This makes it necessary for you to bring proper cold-weather clothing. Pack a warm coat, boots, gloves, a hat and also a scarf. By the date of the Winter Solstice, 21st of December, you only have 9 hours of daylight. You should carefully plan each day, so you don’t have to drive in the dark, which descends by 5 pm now. Wild animals look for food especially in dawn and dusk, which is why you should beware of the fast-moving deer and wild boar crossing the road. The classic porcupine with its black and white quills is often seen lumbering along the roads. (Average max temperature: 11°C and average precipitation: 72mm).

  • Siena
    05:5120:50 CEST
    Feels like: 99°F
    Wind: 5mph WNW
    Humidity: 25%
    Pressure: 29.96"Hg
    UV index: 6
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