Weather in Tuscany in July

Tuscany Weather in July

July and August are the hottest 2 months in Tuscany.  It’s also the busy time for travelers, with children out of school. In Europe, business and government shut down from mid July thru mid August, giving people time for summer holidays. While average high in July is 31°C, some days the temperature can push above the 100 F mark, making it scorching hot. It’s also bone dry, that incidentally helps to make the heat feel more tolerable. In July we get just over 1 inch of rain on the average.  This can even come all at once from one big thunderstorm. But it’s the hot sun that reigns over July and you need plenty of sunscreen for protection. Clothing theme is now “less is better” with short and light cloths for the beach, pool, cafes, and shopping the open-air markets.

Cover up in a Church

Please remember to bring a scarf or shirt to cover your shoulders if you intend to visit one of the many beautiful churches. The emphasis is on modesty, so for women and girls, you need to cover your legs with a knee length dress or long plants. No cut-offs, mini-skirts or tank-tops, please. Also for men and boys, please wear shirts and long pants to show respect when entering a place of religion.  (Average Max Temperature: 31°C and Average Precipitation: 31mm.)