Weather in Tuscany in June

Tuscany Weather in June

The 3 month of summer start with June and you should plan for increasingly warmer weather in Tuscany. While the abundant greenery is starting to turn straw colors in the 2nd half of June, the first half is bathed in the glorious green scenery you see in the movies. Tall grass and wild flowers wave at you along the sides of country roads. And gardens now are full of roses in stunning blooms. The climbing jasmine around doorways is covered in fragrant white flowers. Later in June is when lavender starts to steals the show. Afternoon temps reach up to high 20’s°C and sometimes well into the 30s.

Less rain and more sunscreen

It’s typically fairly dry now, with average rainfall of just 2 inches. In June we still get a few thunderstorms, but they blow away as quickly as they come. Without much rain to worry about, focus is now on protecting your skin from the sun that can feel very hot in the afternoons. Put sunscreen on every few hours, and wear wide brim hats. We cover ourselves with lightweight and long sleeved shorts and pants. You can burn quickly so replenish the sunscreen on any exposed skin.  You might still like to bring a thin sweaters and jacket, if you get a chill in the evenings. The temperature is at 17°C  average for June, so you should feel comfortable without too many layers, even in the evening. (Average Max Temperature: 28°C and Average Precipitation: 50mm.)